Car burglar strikes at funeral: 'It's a frightening feeling'

THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- Car burglars hit a new low after breaking into a truck while its owner was attending a funeral.

It happened Tuesday afternoon at Forest Park The Woodlands located at 18,000 Interstate 45 Service Road.

Celeste Bradberry drove from the Cleveland area to pay her respects to her best friend's father.

"It's a very frightening feeling," admitted Bradberry. "You feel like you're security has been taken away from you. It also robbed me of the opportunity to comfort my friend in her time of grief."

Her truck was locked but Bradberry said she left her purse in the floorboard and her iPad and camera in the back.

"I'm in the service and my phone starts going off and it's actually the Discover card fraud department letting me know they suspect fraudulent charges," she said.

In less than an hour, her credit cards were used 11 times. She filed a police report with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

Since then, Bradberry has tracked her iPad at an apartment complex in South Houston but can't get it back.

"I went to the location," Bradberry told us. "The GPS was very specific as to where it is but we have no proof it's actually in that apartment complex."

We contacted Forest Park The Woodlands and they pointed out posted signs warning visitors to hide their valuables.

A spokesperson went on to say that in their 20 years at the Woodlands location, this is their first theft and that "it's appalling that these criminals are preying on people in their time of mourning."

Bradberry knows she should have been more careful but can't believe someone would strike at a sacred place.

"A theft at a funeral was the last thing on my mind," she said.


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