‘Rambo’ dressed burglar targets home of Houston restaurant owner


by Sherry Williams / KHOU 11 News


Posted on February 26, 2013 at 8:20 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 26 at 8:40 PM

HOUSTON—The Memorial Villages area is known for really high incomes, a really strong police presence and an extremely low crime rate. Recently, however, a bold and unusual burglar committed a crime in Piney Point that has police on high alert.

Some residents who saw home surveillance video of the break-in are now wondering if they have been taking their security for granted.

“Definitely, I think we do,” said resident Emily Prus. “You just have to be vigilant, always.”

“I mean look at how vulnerable I am right now,” said Morgan Hightower. “I’ve got two babies. I’m strapping one into one car seat while the other is roaming free and absolutely, there is a sense of security that could be false.”

The interim Memorial Villages police chief looked at the surveillance video too and had something to say about the burglar’s gun holster.

“If it’s a real gun, who knows?” said interim Memorial Villages Police Chief Roy Osborne. “But the mere fact that he’s dressed that way is the cause for concern because your normal burglar isn’t gonna go dressed like Rambo out in the woods.”

Osborne was also concerned that the guy seemed to be aware of the presence of the homeowner’s interior surveillance camera.

“He knew where at least one camera was but he didn’t’ pay a whole lot of attention to where the camera was outside,” Osborne said.

The burglary happened Valentine’s Day at the home of Taste of Texas restaurant owner Edd Hendee while he was flying to Alabama to pick up a friend’s wife who had been stranded on the crippled Carnival cruise ship.

Police say the same burglar hit two more homes in the Memorial area then pretty much vanished, perhaps along the bayou that runs through the neighborhood.

Osborne had this advice for all Houston area residents.

“Arm your alarm and lock your doors and you hate to think you have to do that but that’s just the way of the world now, no matter where you live.”

And he issued this warning for the bold, holster-wearing thief.

“We’re the big dog sitting in your front yard...If you come to Memorial Villages area, you’re gonna get dealt with,” he said.

The interim chief also said they have a lead on the culprit in this case but he did not elaborate. He said the department could soon have an arrest warrant.  Meantime, the police presence that is normally heavy in the Memorial Villages area, has been beefed up even more.