Moms fight to keep convicted baby serial killer in prison


by Tiffany Craig / KHOU 11 News

Posted on October 29, 2013 at 10:10 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 29 at 10:20 PM

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- A Houston mother has spent half her life keeping a convicted baby serial killer in prison. Petti McClellan-Wiese admits it's been tough.

"Anger, heartbreak," McClellan-Wiese said.

Genene Jones, a San Antonio area nurse, is suspected of killing 47 babies between 1978 and 1982. She was convicted and sentenced to 99 years in prison for the death of McClellan-Wiese's daughter, Chelsea.

"Do I think 30 years for Chelsea is justice, no," McClellan-Wiese said. "But at least she got something, the parents here got nothing."

The 15-month old wasn't even sick. She was at the clinic with her brother and when Jones offered to immunize Chelsea, she got a lethal injection while sitting on her mother's lap.

Now, surprisingly, Jones could be out of prison in just five years.

"If we're gonna legally release a serial killer we're gonna go down kicking, screaming, fighting and the whole world is gonna know," said victim's rights advocate Andy Kahan.

Under an expired Texas law, those convicted of a crime between 1977 and 1987 when overcrowding was an issue were given credit for good behavior.

The only way Jones will stay in is if there's another conviction and that's where Marina Rodriguez comes in. She has agreed to have her son's body exhumed to reopen the case.

Rodriguez says her son had a heart attack and died 30-seconds after Jones gave him an immunization shot.

"It's been 32 years since my son was murdered," said Rodrigez. "No one would listen or hear me back then and look at us now."

The DA in San Antonio has agreed to dust off the old files and have another look at the case.

For the first time in more than thirty years, McClellan-Wiese finally feels like she's not fighting alone.

"They deserve justice and I want their voices heard," she said.