Houston area man wanted for allegedly killing, burying his fianceé captured in Buffalo


by Kevin Reece and Tiffany Craig / KHOU 11 News and KHOU.com staff


Posted on December 10, 2013 at 3:53 PM

Updated Tuesday, Dec 10 at 11:13 PM

LEON COUNTY, Texas – A man accused of fatally stabbing his fianceé, then burning and burying her body has been tracked down and taken into custody, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office confirmed.

Colt Morgan, 29, has been on the run after he was accused of killing his fianceé Wende Marshall, burned her body in a fire place, and buried her in the backyard of their Cypress home in late October, according to the Houston Police Department.

The search for Morgan ended in a storage shed next to a Buffalo, Texas hotel.

“I see him on the corner over there,” Adrian Vargas, a hotel maintenance worker who found Morgan, said.

Vargas found him in a storage building, recognized him and called 911.

“Is Morgan still on the run because I have someone over here hiding. And maybe it’s him you know. And it was him yeah,” Vargas said.

Buffalo police surrounded the area and caught him moments later.

“And just a few minutes later they were in a foot pursuit through the woods. We’re able to surround him. And that’s what it took, they had to literally run him down to the last minute and he finally quit,” Leon County Sheriff Kevin Ellis said.

“He was carrying a backpack, inside the backpack there was a bunch of change, he had a little pocket knife on him. Inside the building they found a .22-caliber AR with homemade silencer, an air soft gun,” Buffalo Police Chief Lance Pavelka said.

Authorities were always hot on his trail, but Morgan managed either get away or move on before they caught up to him on a couple of occasions.

One officer saw him walking down a rural road in Leon County on Nov. 23, but Morgan took him by surprise and attacked.

Not knowing the “suspicious” man he stopped was wanted for murder, the officer was not expecting it when Morgan began to fight, head-butted him and bolted.

The assault was captured on dashcam video and the manhunt intensified after that.

Authorities later found a makeshift tent, built out of garbage bags and duct tape, where they believed Morgan was hiding, but he had already moved on.

Authorities later learned that Morgan had applied for a job at a Pizza Hut in Leon County.

Morgan evidently remained in the area and was finally captured.

“I’m pretty sure what he was getting was out of the dumpsters, in different places, wherever he could find food to get by with whatever he was using,” Ellis said.

The victim’s father, Paul Marshall, told KHOU 11 News that he was thankful that Morgan was now in custody.

“We are thankful he is finally in custody. In his current mindset, he might have created another tragedy for another family,” Marshall said. Marshall’s family hopes Morgan admits his guilt so they don’t have to relive the horrid details in a trial.

“Oh, thank God, oh wow. That makes me feel so much better. That makes me feel like I could sleep better tonight,” Tricia McKie, a neighbor of the victim, said.

Now Morgan sits in a Leon County jail – facing charges here of assaulting an officer – and eventually back to Harris County for the unspeakable death of his fiancée.