Tug of war erupts over Texas City Great Dane


by Tiffany Craig / KHOU 11 News


Posted on December 13, 2013 at 5:34 PM

TEXAS CITY, Texas -- If only Nina the Great Dane could talk, she would have quite the story to tell.

She is staying overnight at the Scott Veterinary Clinic as the social media world continues to talk about her future.

It's not clear exactly who owned her before she was brought to the Dog Dynasty rescue group but Carl Townley's fiancée saw a picture of Nina and started the adoption process.

Before they could finish the paperwork, Carl says the dog ran away from its foster home.

"I haven't even had a chance to interact with this dog yet," said Townley. "All this stuff going on Facebook and the news, it's crazy."

Nina ended up roaming the streets of Hitchcock and was picked up by animal control.

The Galveston County Animal Resource Center said the officer had to use a catch pole and it caused some minor injuries. Veterinarian Scott Johnson examined Nina and said her injuries are consistent with the catch pole.

"Minor cuts and scrapes and scratches," said Dr. Johnson. "Nothing she can't recover from."

Johnson explained that Nina did lose a tooth in the process and that's what caused the bleeding seen in the photos that are circulating on the internet.

Suddenly, Nina's story gained national attention.

Tales of abuse were being told and there was even a 72-hour euthanasia watch.

That's why local attorneys representing the animal advocacy group the Lexus Project showed up with an order from a judge for custody.

Attorney Jana Landry delivered the paperwork.

"This dog now belongs to the Lexus Project," she told everyone in the lobby of the vet's office. "We spent 3 hours at the courthouse getting documents to protect this dog."

Dr. Johnson decided the keep the dog overnight because of the conflicting paperwork.

Lawyers for the Lexus Project plan to be at the GCARC in the morning to get custody of Nina.

Townley says he is ready to take Nina home.

"It's just a bunch of stories about what happened," he explained. "We just want our dog."