Mom of Cleveland gang rape victim upset about daughter's pregnancy


Len Cannon / KHOU 11 News

Posted on May 21, 2013 at 10:04 PM

Updated Wednesday, May 22 at 11:27 AM

HOUSTON --- A girl who was 11-years-old girl when she was gang raped in Cleveland is now 7-months pregnant at age 14.  

Twenty men and boys were accused of gang raping the girl in 2010.

Most of the suspects have pleaded guilty, or have been convicted.

The girl spent some time in foster care after the gang rape, but moved to Houston last August where she’s living with her mother, brother and sisters.

The girl’s mother said she learned about her daughter’s pregnancy last December.

“Well, when she came with the pregnancy test, I was like, ‘Go away, get away from me, I was upset,” she said.

The girl said she is nervous and that the father of the child is her 15-year-old boyfriend. She said she will be keeping the baby.

Some people have wondered after all this girl has been through, the assaults, the national coverage and the trials, how this could happen?

“Yeah, I am sure there’s a lot of people wondering about all that,” the girl’s mother said. “I see it this way, I think it’s pretty common that sometimes girls, when that happens to them, they try to find the comfort in someone else, like they want to feel loved.”

The young girl’s boyfriend isn’t facing any charges because under Texas law, when two minors close in age have consensual sex it is not considered statutory rape.

The family said they know people are talking about the pregnancy and pointing fingers. The young victim said she wishes the finger pointing would stop.