The Waffle Bus turns a breakfast classic into a food truck favorite


by Katherine Whaley / KHOU 11 News

Posted on June 6, 2014 at 12:00 PM

HOUSTON—The Waffle Bus is proving that waffles aren’t just for breakfast anymore.

Houston-native Phi Nguyen opened The Waffle Bus almost three years ago with one idea in mind:

“I wanted to offer Houston something different, not your average taco truck, something that Houston doesn’t have, so this is the only place you can get it,” he said.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, the menu always has something creative to offer, such as the Strawberry Irish Crème Brûlée or Smoked Salmon Waffle.  They even offer a “Fryder” – a burger with waffle-fry buns. 

This foodie-turned-business-owner insists on perfection and attention to detail.  He grinds his own flour, makes his own sauces, and tried over one hundred waffle recipes before finalizing the ingredients for his secret batter.

“It’s all science, waffle-making is like a science,” Phi explains.

Phi’s best-selling chicken and waffles is the star of the menu.  It starts with 24-hour buttermilk-brined chicken that’s dredged in a secret flour mixture, then fried until golden.  The waffle is topped with spicy mayo and ancho chile honey butter.

Phi says he loves to try new recipes, but there’s one item you will never see on his menu – pancakes.

“I couldn’t do it… the waffle is always superior,” he laughs.

And his superior waffle keeps customers coming back for this syrup-soaked favorite.

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