Woman who drank tainted Dr. Pepper frustrated with company’s response


by Jeff McShan / KHOU 11 News


Posted on November 21, 2012 at 12:53 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 21 at 1:48 AM

HOUSTON—We first told you the story about Houstonian Amanda Womack last year.

“I was belching glass. I knew something was wrong,’ Amanda said.

At dinner in October 2011, Womack opened up a 20-ounce Dr. Pepper that was bought at a convenience store just down the street from her home. She told us it immediately made her sick. Her stomach became upset. Her fiancé could see the worry on her face.

“When he smelled it he said we need to go to the emergency room now, you know, because it smelled like gas,” Womack said.

The City of Houston investigated, so did the FDA, and Dr. Pepper. In fact, in the store more contaminated sodas were found with a strange spider-web looking area on the bottom of the plastic bottles. All the caps were sealed tight.

“Was it something an employee maybe done? Who knows,” said Kevin Hamilton, Womack’s fiancé.

The couple was determined to find out.

KHOU 11 News learned the FDA sent some of the contaminated Dr Peppers to their forensics lab in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“And they said they were going to further investigate, but it’s not happening. I haven’t heard nothing,” said Womack.

Not even from Dr Pepper or their attorney who stepped away from the case.

Amanda said at the beginning Dr Pepper sent her two free 12 packs of its soda and promised to follow up.

The couple took two bottles of the contaminated drinks to a private lab in Pasadena and learned there were components of gasoline found in the drink.

Amanda is worried about cancer or other possible health problems.

“It could come years from now, tomorrow, next week. You never know,” she said.

We contacted the FDA about its findings and by email it denied our request.

Dr Pepper said it is waiting to hear from the FDA too.

“For you to deny me information I need to know is wrong,” Womack said.

Dr Pepper released a statement which said from the very beginning it was concerned about Womack’s experience. It told us through its investigation it learned that when the sodas left their facility they were safe. The company said this was determined to be a single isolated case involving a single case of product.