Determined voters hit the polls despite rain


Posted on May 27, 2014 at 7:26 PM

HOUSTON—In between the puddles and the dripping gutters Tuesday morning, you could still see the die-hards.

”It’s been a wet one today, we’ve got soaked,” said one volunteer at the polls, Donna White.

At the West Gray Metropolitan Multi-Service Center, a precinct judge said they had about half their expected turnout during the heaviest rain Tuesday morning, with only two dozen people turning out.

But with a break in the clouds, came a surge in voters.

“I was planning on getting up early and coming out here,” said one afternoon voter, Jack Haley. “But it turned out that it was too flooded, so I just kinda put it off until now.”

Voter Mary Ambrose agreed.

“Well I’m a native Houstonian. I know exactly when to put off and when to go,” she said.

With more rain expected just as people were getting off of work, folks at the polls were rallying voters to power through the weather in a final push.

”It’s an important election,” said volunteer Fran Watson.

”You gotta do your civic duty,” said voter Evan Glick.

Voter Nancy Haywood added, “Oh it could be a lot worse, could be yesterday.”

And tomorrow will be too late.

A spokesman at the Harris County Clerk’s Office said there’s no way to tell how the weather impacted voter turnout across the county, until after the polls close. He did say about half the people expected to vote in this election had already cast early ballots.