13 Dallas officers put on leave after shooting

DALLAS More than a dozen Dallas police officers have been placed on leave after the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old man following a robbery at a pizzeria, police said Monday.

The officers were placed on leave the same day that an Austin man was shot and killed by authorities responding to a domestic disturbance call.
The Dallas shooting started with police chasing a vehicle whose occupants were suspected of robbing a pizzeria.
The Sunday night chase moved from suburban Mesquite into Dallas and ended with police confronting the 19-year-old as he stood on a porch of a home holding a gun to his head while he spoke to his mother on a cell phone, Dallas police said in a statement.
More than two dozen officers took cover with their weapons trained on the man.
As the officers stood in their positions the suspect continued to talk on the phone and move the pistol from the side of his head to under his chin, the statement said. As he moved the gun from under his chin in a downward motion while moving it back to the side of his head the officers felt in fear for their lives and shot (the suspect) multiple times.
Thirteen Dallas officers were placed on leave while the shooting is investigated.
The Austin shooting early Monday morning occurred after authorities received an emergency call about domestic violence from the man s girlfriend. The woman told the dispatcher she was locked in a bathroom and feared her boyfriend. She also said there was a rifle in the home, officials said.
Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo told the Austin American-Statesman that authorities contacted the man and tried to persuade him to leave the home. The man came out at about 3:20 a.m.and pointed the gun at the law enforcement agents. Travis County Sheriff s Deputy Theodore Ramsey and Austin Police Officer Justin Lee Berry feared for their safety and opened fire, Acevedo said.
Berry missed, while Ramsey fired a round that struck 38-year-old Roger James in the chest, Acevedo told the newspaper.
Austin police, the Travis County Sheriff s Office and the Texas Rangers will investigate the shooting.
Both Ramsey and Berry were placed on leave during the investigation.


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