Squared Away: Tips to help get your home organized

HOUSTON -- It's time to clear the clutter but where do you begin? Certified professional organizer Julie Hibbs, of Squared Away Organization Solutions, says it can be overwhelming for the average person faced with a packed pantry, chaotic closet and misfit mail.

Hibb says be prepared to sacrifice time and some money. A closet cleanout can easily take half a day but it will be time well spent.

Start from the bottom up. Clear the floor of any clutter so you can get to everything else. Switch clothes hangers to slim and matching ones so everything can be at the same level and easy to pull out. Bins are best for wrangling socks, scarves and miscellaneous.

In the pantry free up some room by checking expiration dates on boxed and canned food. Don't keep fast food condiment packets. It makes little sense when there's a full size bottle of ketchup. Are you really going to remember to grab the packets when you're in a hurry?

Hibbs contends you really know what you need to sacrifice. It's just a matter of getting down to work. And if you don't want to do the work you can always work with a professional. To save money and still take advantage of an experts help Hibbs recommends you pre-purge. You can also just do a consult. Whatever it takes to get your home squared away.

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