Flatbread Pizza Dough


by Joey Galluzzi/Brooklyn Meatball Company


Posted on August 22, 2013 at 7:46 AM

Updated Thursday, Aug 22 at 7:52 AM

Flatbread Pizza Dough

Watch Joey Galluzzi make this recipe on Great Day Houston.


4.5c flour

1.5c warm water 97-110deg

1T active dry yeast

1/4c sugar

1 egg

1/3c milk

1/2T salt

4.5 cups flour in big mixing bowl formed into a well.  Set aside


Add 1T active dry yeast and 1/4cup sugar into 1.5cups warm water (97-110deg) - let sit 10min should start to see bubbling on top.

Meanwhile in separate bowl beat 1egg, than beat in 1/3c milk add 1/2T salt.

By Hand: add egg milk & salt to water, sugar, yeast mixture.  Slowly pour liquid a little at a time as needed into middle of well, with your other hand (wear gloves if you like) moving in clockwise circles, start to pull flour into liquid to form a dough.  add liquid and use flour as needed to get a moist but not sticky dough.  When the dough is formed dump out of bowl onto work area covered generously with flour to prevent sticking.  Knead dough about 5min (push down, turn 1/4 clockwise, fold, push, repeat) then form ball, wrap in plastic let rest in refrigerator 30min

Using Mixer: USE DOUGH HOOK ATTACHMENT - Pour liquid mixture into mixing bowl, add approx. 3c flour to mixture and beat on low speed until dough forms and does not stick to bowl, if too liquidy add more flour until dough form as described above.  Dump out of bowl onto well floured work area,

Work by hand for 5 min as described above then form ball, wrap in plastic let rest in refrigerator 30min

Preheat oven to 450deg

Pull out and form into 4oz balls and roll out into long thin flat breads approx. 12" x 4"

Place on oiled baking sheet  

Place in oven and bake for approx. 3min. or until slightly golden forming a crisp

Pull out, top as desired*, place back in oven to melt cheese

OR wrap tightly in plastic individually and refrigerate up to 3 days or freeze.

*DO NOT place raw meat or poultry on flatbread.  It will not cook thoroughly.  If a meat topping is desired, cook separately beforehand, then place on flatbread.

Yields 6 - 8 flatbreads.