Healthy Eating Tips


Posted on December 2, 2010 at 9:24 AM

1.    Engage in daily physical activity, such as walking, with your loved ones


2.    Hydrate your body with water (alternate water with your holiday beverages)


3.    Do NOT go grocery shopping when you're hungry


4.    Have a snack or light meal before arriving at the party or family gathering so you'll have control of your appetite and not overindulge. If you arrive hungry, fill up on lower calorie/nutrient dense foods (i.e., fruits, raw veggies, whole grain rolls, lite popcorn)


5.    Limit high fat items (fried foods, processed meats, cheesy foods, cream-based foods)


6.    Remove the skin of the turkey before eating


7.    Substitute the lower-fat versions of mayonnaise, cream soups, sour cream, etc. in recipes.  Flour and/or cornstarch may be used as thickener.


8.    During the Holidays, do not eat foods you eat or can have anytime


9.    Eat smaller portions so you can sample different foods without feeling "stuffed"


10. Use smaller plates, or salad plates, for service


11. Eat slowly to enjoy and savor the flavor


12. Don’t forget there are calories in soups, drinks, and other beverages


13. Don’t graze!!  Get a plate, serve yourself, then step away


14. Avoid the BLTs* (Bites, Licks, Tastes); calories add up!!


15. Socialize away from the food/buffet, to prevent unconscious nibbling


16. Holidays are not the time to attempt any weight loss.  Resolve to maintain or limit any weight gain.  Do not deprive yourself of Holiday foods and treats. You can enjoy them in moderation.


17. Conversation has NO calories!!  The more you talk, the less you will eat!


18. Budget your calories.  All food items, desserts do not need to eaten at the same meal.


19. Bring a healthy, nutritious, delicious dish to the gathering to ensure you can indulge without the extra calories (and guilt)!


20. Donate your food gifts to food banks, pantries, and shelters in the spirit of the Holidays