DIY Jewelry


by Alicia DiRago, Dismount Creative

Posted on September 13, 2012 at 6:51 AM

Colorful Leather Bracelets


  •  2mm Leather Cord
  •  Embroidery Floss
  •  Wooden Beads
  • Material Cost: $8 - $10 makes 10 – 15 bracelets

1. Cut a 24” length of the leather cord and fold in half.
2. Cut a 36” length of floss and tie the end to one side of the leather cord about 1”
way from the fold.
3. Tightly wrap around both cords 3 times, then begin wrapping around each cord
separately following a figure 8 pattern.
4. Continue wrapping while checking wrist for size. The wrapped portion should be
5 – 6 “. To complete, wrap tightly around both cords 3 times and tie in a knot.
5. Thread both cords through the wooden bead and then tie the cord in an overhand
knot to secure.
6. Snip off excess cord and floss.

Stone Ring


  •  Ring Base
  •  Agate, pyrite or other stone
  •  E-6000 glue
  • Materials Cost: $8 makes 1 ring

1. Apply E-6000 to ring base and stone.
2. Place stone and ring and secure with wire or tape for at least 24 hours until the
glue sets.

 Geometric Necklace


  •  2mm Leather Cord
  •  Polymer Clay
  • Tools
  •  Clay knife or razor blade
  •  Bead reamer or skewer
  •  Oven
  • Materials Cost: $10 makes 3 – 4 necklaces

1. Condition the polymer clay by kneading for a few minutes.
2. Roll clay into 1” – 1.5” balls.
3. Use clay knife or razor to slice away clay to create a faceted shape
4. Use skewer to create a hole through the bead.
5. Bake according to clay directions.
6. Once cool, thread onto 36” of leather cord. Tie cord in a knot to secure beads.

 Ball Chain Necklace


  •  144” of Ball Chain
  •  Ball Chain Connector
  •  2 – 1.25” split rings
  •  Large hook clasp

1. Use ball chain connector to connect the ends of the chain into one large loop.
2. Fold in half twice to create one 18” long loop that is 16 pieces wide.
3. Thread the split rings through the 8 pieces on one side of the loop. Thread the
clasp onto one of the split rings.
4. Move one split ring to each end of the 18” long loop. Twist the necklace and
connect the clasp to the other split ring.

Brass Shape Bracelets


  •  Embroidery Floss
  •  Brass Shape

1. Cut 4 36” pieces of floss. Thread 2 through each side of the brass shape.
2. On one side, hold two pieces in the center and alternate tying knots around them
with the other two pieces. Continue for 4” then secure with an overhand knot.
3. Repeat on the other side. Cut off excess floss.
4. Tie on to wrist.