Repurpose This!


Posted on April 16, 2012 at 7:45 AM

Updated Monday, Apr 16 at 7:47 AM

Repurpose Compostables Presents Repurpose This!

IDEA #1: Transform Glass Soda Bottles into Funky, Reusable Dispensers


1.)    Liquids of choice – Olive oil. Encourage viewers to buy products in larger bulk sizes as it reduces waste and is also more economical. A win-win for everyone.

2.)    Glass Bottles

a.       San Pelligrino bottle or other green bottle

b.      Soda Bottles

3.)    Spout stoppers – available at Bed Bath & Beyond,

Example in Action

1.)    Once soda is gone, clean the bottle well with soap & water. Use mineral oil to remove label if desired

2.)    Pour liquid into bottle; insert spout; wipe down bottle


-Great opportunity to dilute soap and get more bang for your buck

-Can be used for vinegar too

-Adds a dash of character and originality to your kitchen

-Completely reusable and practical: easier to hold on to than a bulky olive oil bottle

-Protect your olive oil from light with green glass (San Pellegrino bottle)



Repurpose Compostables Presents Repurpose This!

IDEA #2: Eco-Friendly Bird Feeder with a Soda Bottle


1.)    Organic bird seed

2.)    Clean 1 liter soda bottle with cap

3.)    Craft knife

4.)    Small eye screw

5.)    2 wooden spoons

6.)    Twine

Example in Action

1.)   Draw a 1/2-inch asterisk on the side of a 1-liter soda bottle, about 4 inches from the bottom. Rotate the bottle 90 degrees and draw another asterisk 2 inches from the bottom. Draw a 1-inch-wide circle opposite each asterisk

2.)   Cut the circles out with a craft knife then slide each wooden spoon handle first through the holes and across the bottle to the opposite hole

3.)   Twist a small eye screw into the top of the bottle cap

4.)   Fill your feeder with birdseed, recap it, and use a length of twine to hang it from a tree


-Save a plastic bottle from going to the recycling center – only 5-8% of plastics are actually recycled

-Attract birds to your yard



Repurpose Compostables Presents Repurpose This!

IDEA #3: Trendy Bracelets from Grocery Bags


1.)    Several grocery bags (at least 3). The more colorful the better

2.)    Scissors

Example in Action

1.)    Cut the bottoms of the bags off

2.)    Cut strips of the bags across the bottom, about 1-2” thick so when cut off, you’ve created one connected circle of plastic. Try to keep lines as straight as possible. Repeat 8 times

3.)    Connect 3 of these pieces by looping together and pulling taut, to make a chain. Repeat twice

4.)    Take all 3 chains and knot together at the top

5.)    Braid the entire length of bag chains. Be careful to pull pieces gently so they don’t tear

6.)    Knot the end of the braid

7.)    Snip off any excess with the scissors

8.)    Make an adjustable knot by tying a knot around the other end or the bracelet


-Opportunity to make your own jewelry to wear or give as gifts

-Great way to make use of bags that will likely end up in landfills



Repurpose Compostables Presents Repurpose This!

IDEA #4: Picture Frame Earring Display


1.)    Picture frame, size depends on preference

2.)    Fish netting

3.)    Staple gun

4.)    Staples

Example in Action

1.)    Lay sheet of fish netting over back of picture frame and pull taut

2.)    Circle the perimeter with the staple gun, planting a staple every 2-3 inches

3.)    Flip over to observe then add more staples if there are areas that look limp

4.)    Hang on the wall and hook on your favorite earrings


-Totally practical and unique way to display your earrings

-Extremely simply


Repurpose Compostables Presents Repurpose This!

IDEA #5: Milk Carton Lunch Box


1.)    1 gallon milk jug

2.)    Marker

3.)    Scissors

4.)    Thumbtack

5.)    Adhesive Velcro dot

Example in Action

1.)    Draw cut lines on a clean milk jug – 3 even semi circles and one rounded line reaching toward the top of the jug

2.)    Cut the lines using scissors

3.)    Add crease lines by piercing a row of dots with the thumbtack in ¼” intervals, 1 ¾” from the bottom

4.)    Fold flaps down and out at the dotted lines then fold them back in

5.)    Add the adhesive Velcro and close


-Can be used to carry other snacks

-Diminishes waste!