Weather Blog : Are These Spiders, Or Crabs Spinning Webs In My Yard!?

'Spidey is back, Spidey is back!!!' my little 5 year old son would yell. Every year, in the same spot, one of these crazy looking spiders would grace our back yard with one of it's huge webs. So we named him (or her) 'Spidey' and that was that. Every fall, like clockwork, there Spidey would be. 

But this year, it's different. For one thing my son is now 16 and Spidey is the last thing on his mind. But for the life of me I have never seen SO MANY of these scary looking spiders in the yard. And the webs, they cover 5' and could easily catch a decent sized bird let alone a few bugs.

Their official name is 'spiny orb weaver'  but up close, they look like something out of a horror movie. Actually, they are quite harmless, unless you wander into one of their giant webs and get tangled up. It may take you a while to get out! Maybe it was the wet spring and summer, or the higher humidity, but these guys are more plentiful and happier than I've ever seen before. Maybe they, like the squirrels, are fattening up for what their spidey senses tell them is about to be a very cold Houston winter. I for one hope so!!!

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