Nation stunned 20 years after JonBenet Ramsey case

The unsolved murder of a child beauty queen continues to stun the nation 20 years later.

The unsolved murder of a child beauty queen continues to stun the nation 20 years later.

Monday night part two of a CBS exclusive docuseries re-examined the tragedy The investigators use advance technology and forensics, meticulously recreating the crime scene from Christmas 1996.

One of the original investigators assigned to the JonBenet Ramsey case, now lives in the DC area.

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James Fitzgerald is teamed up with other experts in the show to re-examine the evidence with the intention of solving the murder mystery once and for all.

“We just decided to match puzzle pieces together which had never even been touched before or thought about,” said Fitzgerald.

Now, 20 years later, stunning new revelations may bring Jon Benet Ramsey justice.

Fitzgerald and the other investigators believe the 6-year was murdered with a large flashlight.

On top of that, he said the three page ransom letter was fabricated to protect the killer. 

“We believe the letter was written inside the house by a family member and the paper the stationary came from was in the house and the pen came from the house. The ransom letter reads like a Steven King novel with beheadings and threats. I determined the person who wrote it was not a professional kidnapped or criminal of any sort,” said Fitzgerald.

This investigation also reveals new details about the 911 call made by Patsy Ramsey. 20 years ago, the background conversation was unintelligible. Today, thanks to modern acoustic technology, Fitzgerald said you can understand it.

“Sure enough you can hear voices, including one of the people who we were told was sound asleep that morning, and nowhere near the crime scene or telephone during the call to the police,” he said.

“By the end of the docuseries our team will have solved the murder of Jon Benet conclusively, but whether anyone gets arrested or indicted that's for other people to determine,” said Fitzgerald.


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