Houston man inspires through sign language, music

One Houston entertainer is making quite an impact without making a sound.

Who hasn’t wanted to perform on Saturday Night Live? Well, a Houston man did just that recently, making quite an impact without making a sound.

Bradley LeConey hears and speaks perfectly but learned to sign as a teen from a deaf friend and went on to become a Qualified Sign Language Interpreter.

A few years ago, he started mixing sign language with music. The 28-year-old says he did it as a kind of therapy. He’d lost a brother to illness, his parents to divorce and two friends to suicide.

“You have to find a way to bring those emotions and the music into the signing as well. It is a lot body language, facial expression and emotion,” LeConey said.

The New Jersey native has a small makeshift studio in his apartment. There he records and edits popular songs and posts them on social media. He’s done about 30 songs, and they’ve caught the attention of country music singer Reba McEntire and soccer star Carli Lloyd, who even joined in on one music video.

His signing also touches hearing audiences.

“It’s like a different perspective. They see their favorite song with all this emotion and performance,” LeConey said.

The biggest moment? When Sia, who’d seen one of LeConey’s videos, asked him to join her on stage last year.

“It actually turned out to be SNL for their 40th anniversary show,” he said. “It was such a big moment for the deaf community and for sign language to be shown on such a big network.”

Just for fun, we did a little carpool karaoke to “Hit the Dance Floor” with LeConey signing the pop lyrics.

Sia performs at the Toyota Center on Nov. 4. No word yet on whether LeConey will be joining her!  

For more information on sign language and the deaf community, visit the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf's website and that National Association of the Deaf's website.

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