Manicures get fancy with artistically designed statement nails


by Shern-Min Chow / KHOU 11 News

Posted on September 12, 2012 at 6:13 PM

Updated Wednesday, Sep 12 at 7:10 PM

HOUSTON—Beyonce recently posted a picture of her nails with her and hubby Jay-Z’s photos on them, but it’s not just celebrities, but everyday gals that are going for a whole new level of nail art. 

Nail drama though got a big boost over the summer at the Olympics.  Nail Brand Minx nailed an advertising win when it promoted nail decals on the hands of Olympic athletes such as Gold Medalist Swimmer Missy Franklin.

“A lot of them were wearing a Minx and that’s a pre-designed film,” said Vicki Adams who calls herself the “nail mogul.” “(It could be) your country, flag—a lot of them wearing their country’s flag on their nail, which is really cute.”

Adams has been doing nail art for years. The Olympic coverage is good for business. 

“Where everybody is tuning into it, then your call volume goes up,” she said.

It’s like being a kid in a candy store.  The choices seem endless.  Adams rattled off the menu options.

“Curved nails, lipstick nails, stiletto nails, jagged nails, money nails,” she said.

There is a process to the artwork. First the nail, as a canvas, has to be prepared properly before the painting begins. The work is finished with an artistic accent.  One finger on each hand is completely different. 

We met up with three girlfriends who are regulars at Isle Pedi Spa on Voss at San Felipe.  Brittney Herzog said she’s going for “glitter on the ring finger.”

“It’s kind of a trend right now,” she said.

Lindsay Walker describes it as “fancifying them.”

“I look a little cooler than normal,” she said.

Rachel Vincent wanted a glitter lace decal.

“I like when people comment on my stuff,” she said.

One of the newest fads is foil prints in a rainbow assortment of colors that are pressed onto and then pulled off the nail for an impressionistic effect.  For an even flashier statement nail, customers order a 3D design—from bows to bling and lots more.

The manicures start at $55 and can last 3 weeks. 

The finger fashionistas have a method to their nail madness. Brittany folded down her thumb and ring finger, concealing the two odd colored nails and flashed her school sign.

“I did thumb and ring so when I go to (the) U of H game this weekend I can do this. Go Coogs!” she said.

An upscale salon in London offers one manicure with 9 carats of precious gems including diamond, sapphires and rubies. It costs $32,000, but has had a waiting list including some Arabian princesses.

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