Iconic Austin mural getting makeover after vandalism




Posted on March 27, 2014 at 7:59 AM

AUSTIN -- Painted in 1974, the "Austintatious" mural on the side of the University Co-op is showing its age.

“This one is stucco. This is only held up by paint, I believe, so there’s a lot of wall damage, crumbling wall we have to repair,” said the mural’s artist, Kerry Awn.

However, it’s the recent tagging by unknown vandals that has spurred a major restoration.

Awn is one of three original artists of the “Austintatious” mural, along with Rick Turner and Tommy Bauman. They also painted the well-known “Tejas” mural similarly defaced by vandals across the walkway.

Now the artists have reunited once more to repair the damage to both.

“We’ve been working on the Texas mural for two weeks, and we’re going to work two more weeks,” said Awn.

Once the artists are done repairing the “Tejas” mural, they will begin work on the iconic “Austintatious” mural.

In addition to repainting the mural, they will also repair the walls and potentially make some changes to the 40-year-old painting.

Once they’re done, the murals will get a special coating of anti-graffiti paint to protect against future vandalism.

The University Co-op also recently installed four new security cameras to monitor the area around the murals.

The vandals who defaced the paintings still have not been caught.

All of this work will cost $30,000, and the artists and Co-op are relying on donations. There is a fundraising site, but so far, they have only raised less than half of the funds. Go here to donate toward the mural restoration project.