Houston rapper pens financial advice book, ‘How to Survive in a Recession’

Houston rapper pens financial advice book, ‘How to Survive in a Recession’

Credit: Nakia Cooper/ KHOU.com

Houston rapper Slim Thug celebrated the release of his book “How to Survive in a Recession” at the Drake Club on Washington Avenue Friday, July 27.


by Nakia Cooper / KHOU.com


Posted on July 31, 2012 at 3:28 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jul 31 at 3:55 PM

HOUSTON—“Hard times got the whole United States stressin’….I’m writin’ a book, ‘How to Survive in a Recession.” Those rap lyrics have become a reality because the boss has written a book! Houston rapper Slim Thug has just added another hustle to his name and game—he is a published author.

The lyrics from a verse in his song “I Run” had fans asking him “when,” so he decided he might as well deliver. He met a publisher while jogging in Houston’s Memorial Park and, a talk or two later, the book was under way. Now, he is getting rave reviews and high praises—not only from his peers in the hip-hop community, but also from others on the financial upswing.

At a time when the music and sports industries are making millionaires seemingly overnight out of many who aren’t the slightest bit prepared, Slim’s advice may be right on time. Giving much-needed advice like famed financial adviser Suze Orman, he decided to break it down in a language the hip-hop generation can speak. His book is humorous with great anecdotes, but has a solid, serious message for the younger generation.

“I am tired of seeing us losing in everything, we need to strive to get on top,” he said on 97.9 the Box’s Mad Hatta Morning Show. “Most black people are born into nothing, then when we make it, we blow it and lose it.”

He stresses the importance of putting something away for your future.

“Some people are riding around in a Benz, but die and don’t even have enough money to be buried,” he said. That may sound like a harsh statement to many, but it is true for so many more.

Slim says a person trying to save money must be extremely disciplined, not get the “hot pocket” and stay out of the nest egg.

“You need to feel like you are committing a crime once you go in your cash,” he said.

Even though Slim’s wardrobe, jewelry and cars can rival the best in the industry, he does admit he can be quite frugal when he needs to and insists he no longer makes the classic mistakes often committed by “new money” offenders. He only buys what he can sell back and make a nice profit.

In an era when it is all about “popping bottles” and “making it rain” in the club, Slim says it is OK to have a good time, but you may want to do a light drizzle.

His advice is simple: don’t buy things you know you can’t afford. In other words, if you have champagne taste, but a beer budget, try sipping a little lemonade instead. It will save those pockets in the end.

Q & A with Slim Thug:

Cooper:  What inspired you to write the book?

Slim:  I feel like the urban community needs more financial guidance.

Cooper:  What do you think are the most common mistakes people with “new money” make?

Slim:  Forget that they have to pay taxes and what the check says isn’t really what they have.

Cooper: In the music industry, what is a pet peeve you have about your peers and their financial decisions?

Slim: I myself am even guilty of rapping about spending money in careless ways.

Cooper: Best piece of financial advice you can give in five words or less.

Slim: Have more than one hustle.

To further the latter question, Slim explained he has been working since he was 17 years old and has become quite business-savvy. He stresses the art of negotiation, especially if you are an entrepreneur.

“You have to diversify your paper. I just don’t consider myself a rapper,” he said.

He said he makes deals on everything from what he wears, who sells his music and even the clubs he attends.

“When I go somewhere I try to come home with something and not spend all I have,” he said.

He says he is not only always thinking about how much money he can make, he is also thinking about how much he can save.

Slim celebrated the release of his book at a launch party at the Drake Club on Washington Avenue Friday, July 27. He was surrounded by fans and friends who all supported the book and his many accomplishments. (And no, there was not one “bottle popped” in the house--- we think the message is spreading.)

Click here to get a copy of the book, published by Di Angelo Publications.