"Lone Survivor": Houston native's story of survival hits theaters


by Doug Miller / KHOU 11 News


Posted on January 10, 2014 at 6:22 PM

HOUSTON – At long last, Marcus Luttrell has seen his story made into a movie.

“What it all boils down to is the willingness to give your life to make it through something,” Luttrell said.

Now this war hero from Houston is busy on the promotional circuit recounting his remarkable tale of survival.

“Lone Survivor” tells the story of Luttrell and three other Navy SEALs, who fought together in a 2005 mission to kill a Taliban leader in Afghanistan.

Luttrell said a goat herder stumbled onto them. They let him go free and the Afghan probably reported their position to the Taliban.

In the intense firefight that followed, Luttrell lost all of his teammates, including his best friend.

“I tried to make my way up to him. He was my best friend. And I’d already lost Danny and I knew that Axe was dying and I didn’t want to lose him,” Luttrell said.

That, Luttrell told “60 Minutes,” is when he hit his breaking point.

“He started screaming my name. He was like, ‘Marcus, man, you got to help me. I need help, Marcus.’ It got so intense that I actually put my weapon down and covered my ears because I couldn’t stand to hear him die,” Luttrell said.

But the film recounts the stunning story of how Luttrell survived. It is an epic tale of heroism about a Navy SEAL from Houston.

Luttrell believes he was allowed to live, so that he could tell the story now playing in theaters.