Big names, big crowds in Austin for SXSW's final night of music



Posted on March 17, 2013 at 3:44 PM

AUSTIN -- Big-name acts and even bigger crowds showed up for the last big night of South by Southwest music.

Justin Timberlake fans lined up at The Copper Tank Event Center on 5th and Trinity Saturday night. These "secret" SXSW shows are really anything but secret as pretty much everyone knew that Timberlake and Prince were set to perform in Austin.

Austin police set up extra security at the Copper Tank Event Center as well as at La Zona Rosa on West 4th Street for the Prince show. The clubs and artists themselves have their own security. Some lucky Timberlake fans with wristbands were able to get into the show. 

If they didn't have a badge, fans had to sign up for the new Myspace and hope to get a ticket that way. 10,000 people signed up once the announcement was made.

However on Saturday, most of the crowd outside of the venue consisted of people without a wristband trying to figure out a way in.

"We figured we would hang out and maybe someone would feel sorry for us and let us in. We really want to go in but it's such a small place we're not sure how successful we'll be," said Timberlake fan Kimberly Hart.

La Zona Rosa made sure to have enough security in place for thousands of people at the Prince show, where A Tribe Called Quest opened the show.

"As far as a man goes, he's high maintenance," describes Aaron Defoore, who runs security at La Zona Rosa."A feng shui specialist came in to design his (Prince's) greenroom, the stage is just absolutely fabulous. We've been working all day and all night just to get it set up."

The show is exclusive and open to some lucky Samsung Galaxy owners.

 "I expect a thousand people trying to squeeze through that door at the same time," Defoore said.

Defoore warned that security would be tight, and that fans shouldn't try and sneak in.

 "I hear a lot of stories, a lot of excuses, a lot of badges a lot of wristbands but we're just trying to sift through the people that belong and the people who don't," he said.

Other big names in Austin this week include P Diddy and Warren G at Emo's, Kenny Loggins at Stubbs and The Flaming Lips took over Auditorium Shores on Friday night.