National Weather Conference explores new ways to protect from flood threats


by staff

Posted on March 27, 2012 at 5:18 PM

Updated Tuesday, Mar 27 at 5:39 PM

HOUSTON—Hurricane season is in less than three months away and at the National Hurricane Conference this week in Orlando is looking at new ways to protect you from a flood threat.

When a storm approaches, we’ve been told to “hide from the wind” and “run from the water.” -What if you could turn the tide on the rising flood?  A special sand bag that promises to help doesn’t use sand, but water.

“It’s got a super absorbent polymer inside the bag, so it absorbs the water.  Goes from a pound to 45 pounds in five minutes, holds back water for 90 days and it’s bio-degradable,” said Adam Shute, with Flood Sax.

Flood Sax is just one of several ways to hold back a flood. You can also use door dams. 

It’s a reminder that the rising tide of a storm surge doesn’t just affect the coast.

“As we saw with Ike, salt water went 40, 50 miles inland, so clearly Ike showed us that it’s not just a coastal hazard,” said Storm Surge Expert Jamie Rhome.

Rhome, an expert at the National Hurricane Center, is working on ways to ways to clearly communicate that threat.  At the conference, attendees can vote for graphics they like.  You can too, by going to the web site below to make suggestions.

Help suggest ways to communicate the storm surge threat 

Sand bag that uses water to keep flood water out 

Removable flood barrier