How do I subscribe to newsletters?



Posted on March 30, 2010 at 3:19 PM

1. How do I subscribe to a newsletter offered on

Our automated registration process makes subscribing to a newsletter quick and easy!

Please go to our newsletters page ( to see a full listing of newsletter offerings including daily alerts, weekly commentaries, and breaking news services.

From there, click the "Sign up" link. Either log-in if you are already a registered user, or complete the simple, one-time registration form and "submit". Select the newsletters you wish to subscribe to by clicking on the boxes and "submit". You will receive the next edition of the newsletters that you subscribed to.

2. How can I unsubscribe from newsletters offered on

You must be a registered user to subscribe or unsubscribe to newsletters using MemberCenter. To sign-in, click on the MemberCenter link located at the top right hand corner of the Web site. When prompted, enter your e-mail address and password and click on the "Go" button. You will be taken to the MemberCenter homepage.

The second section is called "E-mail Options". Click on the "Newsletter Subscriptions" link.

From there you will be presented with the newsletter subscription form. The newsletters you are currently subscribed to will have checkmarks next to them. Simply uncheck the box of the newsletters you wish to unsubscribe to, or check those newsletters you would wish to receive. Next, click on "Sign Up", and your new subscriptions will begin or be cancelled.

3. I don't want to receive weather e-mail alerts anymore. How do I delete my Weather Underground account?

Due to privacy issues, users must manage their own e-mail and newsletter subscriptions. If you are getting weather e-mails, this is because you signed up through a service called Weather Underground. You can control your e-mail settings and delete your account by clicking here:

If you have any trouble, contact and they can help you remove your settings.

4. I accidentally deleted my most recent newsletter from my inbox before I had a chance to read it. Could you please resend it to me?

Due to the high volume of e-mail passing through our mail servers hourly, it is not possible for us to resubmit a newsletter. You might find the newsletter in your "deleted items" or "trash can" or "recycle bin" folders.