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Daniel Gotera’s Sports Fix - Boise State’s kicker costs school $13.5 million

<b>Daniel Gotera’s Sports Fix </b> - Boise State’s kicker costs school $13.5 million

by Daniel Gotera / 11 Sports

Posted on November 27, 2010 at 8:15 PM

Updated Saturday, Nov 27 at 8:53 PM

Which Houston pro team will make the playoffs first?

How great is college football?

That’s probably a question that is answered very differently in the cities of Boise, Idaho and Fort Worth, Texas.

My last entry was about the controversial BCS. Well considering what has happened this weekend in college football, it’s not that controversial any more is it?

In case you didn’t stay up until 1 in the morning on Friday night (and if you didn’t, shame on you), #3 Boise State fell to #18 Nevada 34-31 in overtime. The Broncos kicker missed a game winning field goal in regulation and one in overtime. I know Boise head coach Chris Peterson said afterwards one play doesn’t lose a game…let’s be honest here…the kid botched that game. Here is what BSU lost after those two missed kicks.

-The nation’s longest winning streak was snapped

-Boise State’s national title hopes are gone, so are their chances at a BCS game

-Instead of getting the close $14 million that they would have gotten in a BCS game, Boise will now get around $500 thousand at the Fight for Hunger Bowl in San Francisco. No Joke. That’s what it is called. You can fight a lot of hunger with 13.5 million bucks.

All in all, I would say those are pretty important kicks. I feel horrible for the kids, I really do. The Boise defense didn’t do him any favors by blowing a 24-7 lead, but seriously dude, a 26-yard chip shot…lined up in the middle…wow.

TCU is the beneficiary of all this. One slip up by #1 or #2 and they will be heading to the national title game. If not, they will be going to the Rose Bowl.

All right…here’s your favorite part…funny videos…oh…and keep voting in our poll up top!


There is plenty of high school football going on this weekend. In honor of that, I present you with a lip dub from a Wisconsin high school. This was in response to a rival high school. This was just awesome. Thanks to our photog George Jensen for pointing it out. Keep in mind…this is backwards so they had to learn how to sing the song backwards too. Amazing.


The Texans play the Titans on Sunday. Just in case they need it, and after watching the Houston team this season it’s obvious they is a lesson on how to be a better defensive back. We are here to help.