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Happy Ty Wiggington Month!!

by mmusil

Posted on February 24, 2009 at 1:58 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 27 at 11:10 AM

You probably didn't know did you?? Sure I know he plays with another team now ....but according to my Minute Maid Astros Calendar that I got at a game last season ..... February 2009 is Ty Wigginton month.

There's a great picture of him on the hand-out calendar .... but ......oh well.

I can't blame baseball fans for being upset with the current state of the game. The steroids stuff seems like it'll never end and loyal fans (or once loyal fans) ......don't seem to have a whole lot to cheer about. One big reason is ..... with free agency ...... they never know for sure who to cheer for. A fan favorite one year ....can be a despised player the next.

When I was a kid growing up on a farm outside of Kansas City ..... it was difficult to cheer for the Athletics. They were bad ...they wore goofy looking uniforms .....they had a donkey for a team mascot ......and they never won anything ....until the team moved to Oakland. The one thing I could count on though the same loveable and sometimes laughable players on the team ..... would be on the team for years.

Those days are gone. We here in Houston are still lucky to be able to watch the core of the Astros lineup stay intact for several years at a time ... but we still lost Wigginton, fan favorite Brad Ausmus and Mark Loretta during the off-season. I know that's just the "way it is" .... but it must drive baseball marketing executives nearly batty.

Because what once seemed like a good idea .... has resulted in Ty Wigginton being on my Astros calendar ......for the month of February. The 3rd baseman who played so well late last season earn a spot on the team calendar ..... is now a Baltimore Orilole.

Happy Ty Wigginton month!!