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Is Your Pet Ready For the Hurricane Season ?

by Mario Gomez

Posted on July 27, 2009 at 2:16 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 27 at 11:12 AM


We still don’t know how many pets were lost or perished during Hurricane Ike. But we have estimates that as many as 600,000 pets were killed or left without shelter during hurricane Katrina.

Having your pets ready for the next hurricane can mean fewer headaches and expedite your evacuation if needed. These tips can help you get started, especially if you find yourself in a temporary living situation like so many of us did during Hurricane Ike. The list below will help you create an emergency preparedness kit for your pets. Please make sure you have enough of each item to get you through at least 72 hours.

  • Proof of current shots and health records in a waterproof container

  • Medications

  • Food and water bowls with enough food and water for three days

  • Manual food opener for canned foods

  • Pet carrier with bedding

  • Cat litter and litter box

  • Plastic bags to dispose of pet droppings

  • Paper towels/wet wipes

  • Leash, grooming supplies and pet toys

  • First Aid Kit

  • Flashlight and spare batteries

The best case scenario is to be able to ride out the storm at home with your pet. Since this is not always possible and every situation is different you should be proactive. If you live in a mandatory evacuation area the options are to prepare ahead of time. Before the disaster approaches you may consider these options.

  • Call ahead to confirm emergency shelter arrangements for you and your pets. Emergency shelters may not take your pet. You might have to take shelter with friends, relatives or at a hotel.

  • Hotels may require shots, pet deposits or have restrictions on size or breed. If they are not pet friendly ask if their policy is waived in the event of an emergency.

  • Check to see if your veterinarian may have boarding facilities.

  • Look for a boarding facility that is manned 24 hours a day and rated to withstand hurricanes

  • Make sure all your pets are wearing collars with up to date information

  • Bring all your pets inside the house as fences and tree limbs could fall as the storm nears

  • Check your emergency pet supplies

Hurricane preparation is a must for you and your pet, if not just for greater peace of mind.