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Crime Blog: Former deputy constable charged with impersonating a public servant

by Associated Press

Posted on February 13, 2012 at 3:28 PM

HOUSTON – A former deputy constable is facing charges after investigators say he pretended to work for Harris County Precinct 1 in a bid to get out of a traffic ticket.

Georgio Tran, 39, was pulled over on February 9 in the 6100 block of W. Sam Houston Parkway for failure to pay a toll, according to court documents.

The Harris County Precinct 5 deputy constable who initiated the traffic stop said when she walked up to Tran’s car, she noticed a Precinct 1 jacket draped over the back of the driver’s seat.

The deputy said before she could even identify herself or tell Tran why he was stopped, he tried to hand her his Precinct 1 identification.

The Precinct 5 deputy said when she asked Tran for his driver’s license and insurance, he was unable to come up with proof of financial responsibility for his vehicle.

The deputy went back to her car and called an associate at Precinct 1, who said he was not familiar with Tran’s name, but that he check on the status of his employment.

The Precinct 5 deputy said when she returned to Tran’s car and told him he would be ticketed, he said, "But we’re deputies."

She said she told him that deputies had to be held to a higher standard, so she ticketed him for failure to pay a toll, expired registration, expired inspection and failure to maintain financial responsibility.

Later that day, the Precinct 5 deputy said she heard back from Precinct 1. They told her that Tran was fired from Precinct 1 in March of 2011, and had not been employed as a peace officer anywhere in the state of Texas since then.

Charges of impersonating a public servant were filed against Tran on February 10, 2012.