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6 accused of scamming more than $13 million from Davis-Lynch

6 accused of scamming more than $13 million from Davis-Lynch

(L to R) Brooke Saldana, Nancy Moreno, Noe Saldana

by staff

Posted on June 8, 2011 at 4:27 PM

Updated Monday, Jun 13 at 11:18 AM

HOUSTON -- Six suspects, most said to be from one family, are accused of setting up dummy companies and funneling more than $13 million from Davis-Lynch, a multi-million dollar company with offices in Pearland, according to court documents.

Nancy Moreno, 54, was an employee of Davis-Lynch in the accounting department. She was in charge of handling accounts payable and accounts receivable, according to the company.

Moreno’s husband, Jose Alfred Moreno, 33-year-old son Noe Kent Saldana and daughter-in-law Brooke Saldana also worked for Davis-Lynch.

According to court documents, the suspects allegedly set up fake accounts in the Davis-Lynch accounting program using names similar to existing vendors, then opened bank accounts at Bank of America for the fake companies.

The suspects would submit invoices under the fake companies to get signatures on checks, or would simply forge the checks if there was no invoice, court documents said.

The invoices were allegedly encoded in the accounting program under the names of the real vendors, but checks were issued to the companies with the fake vendor names, then deposited into the Bank of America account.

An employee at Bank of America, Lucy Delgado, was friends of the Saldanas and fully aware of the alleged scam, according to court documents.

Court documents said Delgado would cash the checks in for cashier’s checks in order to "wash" the embezzled funds.

After a lengthy investigation, the alleged scam was uncovered.

Davis-Lynch not only filed charges against the suspects, but has also taken action against Bank of America in an effort to try and recover the lost funds.  

Nancy Moreno was charged with theft. Her bond was set at $999,000. She remains in jail.

The Saldanas and another suspect involved, 43-year-old Ernest Trevino, were also charged with theft. They each posted bond for $35,000 and are currently awaiting trial.

Two others have also been charged in connection with the crime.

Ronald Pucek, 31, was charged with engaging in organized crime. His bond was set at $25,000. He remains in jail.

Alicia Saldana Pucek is still on the run. A warrant has been issued for her arrest.

It is unknown at this time what charges, if any, Moreno’s husband or Delgado, the bank employee, will face.