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Beat the Traffic: Relief coming near Beltway-8 East and US-59

by Katherine Whaley / KHOU 11 News

Posted on April 4, 2012 at 10:24 AM

HOUSTON -- I received this question from a viewer about a big backup near Bush IAH, and some improvements are coming!

Mark, a KHOU 11 viewer, emailed me with a question about the interchange of US-59 (Eastex Freeway) onto Beltway 8 (E. Sam Houston Tollway) Eastbound. After inquiring with the Texas Department of Transportation, I found out that some changes are on the way! Expect wider lanes on the interchange, which should allow for faster travel.

Here's the original email from Mark:

Hi Katherine,

Hope your day is going great! I've looked around on the web and cannot find any information related to when the interchange section at BW 8 North at the 59-Eastex Freeway will be completed. Specifically, the BW8 at Eastex interchange on the east side of 59. The drivers exiting 59N to BW8 East are forced to merge into 2 lanes, which causes everyone to slow to a crawl. Approximately ¼ of mile further, the lanes increase to three immediately after the free exit. I understand that this area of Harris County is not as populated as other areas but it doesn’t make sense to leave it the interchange in its current state. Why didn’t they just build out the third lane in the first place??

The Harris County Toll Road Authority website did not have anything posted...or I might have missed it. Do you have the scoop on this? Or can you point me in the right direction?



Here is the response from Texas Department of Transportation:



Your viewer is correct that the stretch extending from the connector narrows as it approaches the Beltway. This was done because as funding for the connector was secured and ready to let, the necessary permits with the railroad could not be obtained at the time. However, since completion of the connector the permits have been secured and the expansion to adjoin the connector to the mainlanes at full capacity will be let this summer. Thanks.