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Puppies found left in garbage bag in Splendora ditch

by Drew Karedes / KHOU 11 News

Posted on August 9, 2013 at 10:15 PM

Updated Friday, Aug 9 at 10:20 PM

SPLENDORA , Texas -- Two puppies new to this world almost didn’t live to see another day after they were thrown out like trash.

A woman discovered the puppies tied in a plastic garbage bag in a Splendora ditch.

The puppies were discovered at King Oak Drive and Wood Lane around 7 a.m. Veterinarians said the puppies are lucky to have survived in blistering near triple-digit temperatures.

The puppies were checked out at Montgomery County Animal Control. Both of the animals are healthy aside from having worms.

“They were double bagged. There were two garbage bags,” said Sherri Bessire, whose sister first made the alarming find.

Bessire said her sister almost didn’t notice the puppies inside the bag.

“The bag was closed. She just thought it was trash until one of the dogs walked out of the bag. She was like, oh my god, it’s puppies,” Bessire said.

Investigators were trying to lift fingerprints off the garbage bag that the puppies were left in.

“Now we’re trying to investigate to find who in the world would place two small puppies in a white plastic bag and dump them on the side of the road,” said Tim Holifield with the Montgomery County Animal Shelter.

Bessire is praying whoever did this will be held accountable. She is sick and tired of seeing animal cruelty and abandonment in her community.

“[We see] dogs all the time, up and down this road, just dumped. [We see] dogs ran over. We have five rescues just from this neighborhood, and [my sister] has three,” Bessire said.

Bessire was hoping the two puppies would be adopted by someone who wants them.