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Capacity crisis at BARC: Hundreds of pets in need of loving homes

Capacity crisis at BARC: Hundreds of pets in need of loving homes

These pets are all up for adoption at BARC!

by staff

Posted on April 8, 2011 at 5:28 PM

HOUSTON – If you have room in your life for a four-legged family member, head down to BARC this weekend.

The City of Houston’s animal shelter is fighting a capacity crisis, and they need Houstonians to help.

BARC officials said they’ve received an abnormally high number of puppies and kittens in the last few weeks, thanks in part to a warm springtime breeding season that came a little early this year.

The high number of intakes – about 80 to 100 animals a day – has exhausted the shelter’s capacity to provide additional space.

"Kitten season comes about the same time every year," said David Atencio, General Manager for BARC.  "This year it came a little early, and with a vengeance."  

What’s more, the shelter expects hundreds more puppies, kittens and adult animals to pass through in the next few months.

BARC said the only way to free up space for intake animals is to make room in the adoption wards.

Right now, the adoption wards are full of healthy future pets who need loving forever homes.

BARC officials are asking anyone who’s been thinking of adopting a dog or cat to consider a shelter animal.

BARC’s minimal adoption fee includes a vet visit, spay or neuter surgery, a rabies vaccination, a city license, a microchip and much more.

Not to mention, you’ll be getting a loving new friend.

In a bid to help make room for intake animals, BARC is expanding its current 50-percent off adoption fee special through the end of April.

Customers who are interested in fostering healthy and adoptable dogs and cats can do so.

BARC also offers a year-round free "seniors for seniors" program that places pets over 3 years with people over 55.

"It’s a much easier time to bring a new pet into the house during the summertime, as families tend to have more time to devote to introducing a new pet into the home and helping it get adjusted," said Carlene Lormand, Outreach Manager for BARC. 

If you’d like to help BARC, tax-deductible donations can be made in the form of cash, check or money order. All donations made to the shelter can only be used for BARC animals and shelter programs, per a recently passed city ordinance.

But BARC said the simplest, most powerful thing anyone can do to help the shelter and pets across the Houston area is to talk to friends, neighbors and family about caring for animals responsibly.

For more information on adopting an animal at BARC, click here.