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Animal Attraction: BLM plans to start the Calico Complex roundup today

Animal Attraction:  BLM plans to start the Calico Complex roundup today

Credit: The Cloud Foundation

by Stacy Fox

Posted on December 28, 2009 at 8:32 AM

Despite a significant public outcry, BLM plans a helicopter round up to remove thousands of wild horses in northwestern Nevada, an area called the Calico Complex in a remote and starkly beautiful landscape of volcanic outcrops, steep canyons and wide valleys. It is home to the last stronghold of the once large herds of American mustangs that roamed the west by the millions.

The attack on Calico is scheduled to begin today following a delay after In Defense of Animals filed a lawsuit in late November. This case will be heard in mid-December but in the meantime BLM plans to continue through the dead of winter. Calico is a challenging environment in winter when bitter winds howl and blizzards are common. If BLM were truly interested in preserving wild horses they would not run them over treacherous terrain in winter when all wildlife are simply trying to survive by expending the least amount of energy possible.

Regardless, BLM intends to round up from 2486 to 2747 mustangs, taking away from them what they value most. . .their freedom and the families. They plan to release only 264 horses (80 mares, all treated with infertility drugs, and 184 stallions) back onto .5 million acres of our public lands, and incarcerate the rest in holding facilities already bursting at the seams. Taxpayers pay over $100,000 a day to feed these captives who were removed to make room for more welfare cattle on public lands. Because only 264 wild horses will be turned back into four herd areas, each herd will be genetically non-viable and left vulnerable to inbreeding.

A spokesman for BLM denies that the agency is managing our wild herds to extinction, but actions speak louder than this hollow promise. Only token, remnant herds will remain in this, the last stronghold of the wild horses. The onslaught is scheduled to begin December 1 and continue through the end of February 2010.

The Cloud Foundation is asking you to stand up for these horse and demand that the round up be halted. It is nothing more than government sponsored cruelty.

Call (202) 456-1111 and email President Obama
Call (202) 224-3121 and email your Congressional Representatives
Call Interior Secretary Salazar at (202) 208-7351

Source:  Action Alert and Photo courtesy The Cloud Foundation