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Animal Attraction: Help save orphaned wild animals

Animal Attraction:  Help save orphaned wild animals

by Stacy Fox

Posted on May 3, 2010 at 5:33 AM

The Wildlife Rehab & Education Center, Houston’s only native wildlife trauma hospital accepting all native species is currently caring for over 500 wild animals that have been displaced from their parents.  These animals include baby opossums, raccoons and a variety of different species of birds including hawk and owls.  Unfortunately, the center is quickly running out of food to keep these animals alive so they can be rehabilitated and be returned to the wild.  The center is asking the public to donate dry cat food and dog food to help save the lives of these innocent babies which range in age from newborn to juvenile.   For proper food storage of the donated food, WR&E is requesting that the donated food be dropped off at their affiliate, The Houston SPCA which is located at 900 Portway Drive in the Heights area.  All food should be taken to the Adoptions Lobby.

These animals have mainly been separated from their parents due to the intervention of mankind.  This happens when animals are relocated to another location because they have found their way into attics, rooftops and garages.  WR&E wants to remind the public that when you relocate animals such as opossums and raccoons there will be an outbreak of rats, mice and poisonous snakes in your area because these animals are their natural predators.  Instead of relocating the animals, learn how to peacefully coexist with these animals by following the helpful tips at or by calling WR&E at 713.861.9453, during normal business hours.

If you find a baby opossum, raccoon or bird, here is what you can do to help:

• BABY RACCOON:  Try to put the baby in a box by using a towel or t-shirt and set it in the shade. If the mother does not return, keep the baby warm until you can get it to the WR&E Wildlife Center.

• BABY BIRDS:  Place baby in a box with an old t-shirt and place it on a heating pad on low.  You can also put the box on top of your refrigerator or freezer where it is always warm.  Do not feed or water and take to WR&E as soon as possible.

• OPPOSSUMS:  If you see a baby, put it in a box and keep it in a warm place. Do not feed or water and take the baby to WR&E as soon as you can.

The mission of the Wildlife Rehab and Education Center is to care for injured or orphaned wildlife through rehabilitation and public education. For more information call 713.861.9453 or visit their web site at