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Animal Attraction: Survey: 45% of Pets Will Get a Valentine's Day Gift This Year

by Stacy Fox

Posted on February 8, 2013 at 5:46 AM

Updated Friday, Feb 8 at 5:51 AM

Smitten with your kitten? Head over heels for your hound? Valentine's Day isn't just for humans — it is becoming a prime holiday for spoiled pets, too.
Pets Adviser commissioned a survey of 262 pet owners recently and asked, "Do you plan to give your pet a gift this Valentine's Day?" Almost half of the pet owners, 45%, said yes. (About 36% said no, and 18% had not yet decided.)
"It's further proof that people today are enamored of their pets," says Pets Adviser editor and publisher David Deleon Baker. "Our dogs and cats, our ferrets, our hamsters, they are our true family, like never before — and we don't mind spoiling them either, especially on a holiday like this one."
The new survey also revealed that the most popular Valentine's Day gifts for pets this year are toys, with nearly 65% of gift-givers saying they planned to hand out special toys to their pets. Treats followed closely behind, with about 60%. Other gifts: a bone (17.7%) and a new bed (8.9%). Also, 12.9% of pet owners giving gifts said they're actually planning to prepare a homemade meal just for their pet on Valentine's Day.
Participants were also allowed to write in additional answers, Baker says. Among the other Valentine's gifts pets will receive this year:

  • Fancy collar
  • Deer antler chew
  • "Lots of kisses"
  • Blankets
  • Homemade treats

One person plans to take it a step further, telling Pets Adviser that her pet can expect "a new adventure" on Valentine's Day. "Somewhere he's never been before...someplace he'll love."
Baker does caution that there are some safety concerns with Valentine's Day: "Chocolate is a huge no-no for dogs or cats," he says. "It's toxic to them and could send them to the hospital. So skip the chocolates and stick with quality pet treats or toys instead."
Pets Adviser has compiled a list of 14 Valentine's Day gifts and activities that are perfect for pets. To view the list, plus a few tips for keeping things safe, go to

Pets Adviser