Rucks Russell

Rucks Russell

KHOU 11 News Reporter Rucks Russell combines years of experience with a hard-hitting, aggressive style.

His pursuit of the "big story" has literally carried him around the world. This includes stints as an embedded correspondent at the outset of the Iraq war, as well as covering the summer Olympics in Athens, Greece.

Russell has also exposed the gritty reality of gang violence, scoring exclusive in-depth interviews with Crips and Bloods members during a series of highly acclaimed reports in North Carolina.

Russell started his career behind the scenes. He dispatched news crews and gathered information for a Philadelphia television station.

Prior to joining KHOU 11 News, Rucks worked in Raleigh, NC; Richmond, VA; Washington, D.C.; Orlando, Fla. and Roanoke, VA.

Russell received his bachelor's degree in journalism from Rider University in Lawrenceville, N.J. He also studied abroad in Besancon, France.

Russell is an avid hiker and enjoys spending time outdoors. He's also committed to being a positive role model and has served as a mentor to endangered inner-city youth.

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