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Chita Johnson

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Meteorologist Chita Johnson joined KHOU 11 News in July 2011 and can be seen each day on KHOU 11 News This Morning and KHOU 11 News at Noon.

She comes to Houston from KRCR in Redding, California where she was named Best Media Personality for the past two years. “I already feel so welcomed here by the friendly people. I can tell that I’m going to love it,” Chita said her first week on the job. “However, I don’t think my hair loves the humidity.”

Chita has received her AMS Seal of Approval and her National Weather Association Seal of Approval and is a member of both organizations. “I’m excited to face the challenges that the tropical season may provide,” she said.

The Knoxville, Tennessee native attended Arizona State University and got her Bachelor of Science from Mississippi State University. Her parents and brother now live in Southern California. Chita says she's very close to her family and they’re looking forward to visiting her in Houston. She has one member of her family already here: a miniature schnauzer named Doppler. “She is my love.”

Chita also loves to play tennis and golf and is looking forward to being able to play all year round thanks to Houston’s warm weather. The avid traveler has been skydiving over the Swiss Alps, river rafting down the Ocoee River and rock climbing in Hume Lake.

In case you were wondering, Chita—pronounced Cheetah—is a family name. In fact, there are five generations of mother-daughter Chitas in her family.

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Getting to know KHOU 11 Meteorologist Chita Johnson

How long have you lived in Houston?

I moved to Houston on July 18, 2011 and have loved every minute of it...well, minus the record breaking temperatures that we experienced the entire month of August!

What is your favorite mobile app?

Probably Pandora....and of course, the KHOU Weather app!

Where is your hometown?

Alta Loma, California - where my parents and older brother still reside.

Do you have any pets?

I have the cutest miniature schnauzer named Doppler. She's actually the first dog I've EVER owned. I didn't have pets growing up so I'm making up for lost time with her!

What is something you wouldn’t leave the house without?

My iPhone and maybe hair spray, the humidity is a killer.

What is your favorite part of working in television news?

I feel weather relates to everyone on some level and it makes me feel good that I'm able to talk about that daily!

What is your favorite movie in 2011?

So far, 'Limitless.' A. It has Bradley Cooper in it. B. Who wouldn't want that kind of gift?

What are your 3 favorite films?

Love and Basketball, For Love of the Game and Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

What are you reading right now?

The Millionaire Next Door.

What are your favorite books?

Beloved, The Rainmaker, Where the Sidewalk Ends

What are your favorite foods?

CORN......on the cob, out of a can, creamed corn, grilled corn......

What kind of music do you like?

I love music! Oldies, hip-hop, country, soul, alternative, pop, rock......I love to find new music too!

Who is your favorite band?

That's way too difficult to answer - ha!

What is always in your refrigerator you cannot live without?

I know I can't live without water.....but things that are in my refrigerator that I THINK I can't live without.....chocolate ha!

Coffee or tea or neither?


What is your favorite vacation spot?

I love to go anywhere with friends and family....that makes it an awesome vacation spot...but so far destinations would be South of France - Monte Carlo - BEAUTIFUL and FUN!

Where was your last vacation?

Destin, Florida to see family from Tennessee

What is your favorite soft drink?


Do you have any siblings?

One older brother who is also my best friend and my mentor.

What else might we like to know about you?

That I have a terrible voice but I love to sing.