‘Woodlands Paranormal’ investigations are anything but normal


by J. Werner / WoodlandsOnline.com


Posted on October 31, 2012 at 9:02 AM

THE WOODLANDS, Texas—On All Hallow’s Eve everyone is just a little jittery about things that go bump in the night, but according to the Woodlands Paranormal, most apparitions and noises have a logical explanation. The mission of this group of rational human beings is to investigate and determine the root cause of perceived paranormal events using a normal thought process, but their investigations are anything but normal.

Formed in 2007, the organization is based in The Woodlands but its members are scattered throughout the Greater Houston area, and come from diverse backgrounds and occupations. According to the case manager, Cathy Nance, the eclectic group consists of skeptics, clergymen, public safety officials, and medical professionals, but not necessarily anyone with extrasensory perception skills.

“Our role is to investigate the phenomena using scientific methods and available technology, then make a rational determination,” said Nance.

Equipment that records electronic voice phenomena (EVP), electronically generated noises that resemble speech, is one such method the group employs, along with high resolution photography, as well as logical reasoning.

“What we’re not is a drive-by ghost hunting organization,” said Nance. “We’re critical thinkers who base our decisions on logic and reasoning.”

Woodlands Paranormal performs the investigation, discusses it as a team, comes to a conclusion, then proceeds with whatever methodology the team feels would be the most effective, given their determination. So the first step is find out if the phenomena is real, or perceived.

Nance, a healthcare professional in the nursing field, will be speaking in Jefferson, Texas, on the topic of mental health. Her presentation is titled, “Negative Cases. Are the Voices Real?”

If the ‘critical thinkers’ come up with the possibility that some other force is at work, it may result in cleansing the premises by applying Native American rituals, or having a clergy member bless the location.

“Our objective is to help people, and find the reality,” said Nance.

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