Battle of the Thanksgiving bulge: Tips to help keep your weight under control


by Vicente Arenas / KHOU 11 News

Posted on November 21, 2012 at 5:43 PM

HOUSTON—There is a big battle for many to fight the Thanksgiving Day bulge! It’s easy to get carried away with turkey and all the trimmings, but some people are determined to keep the weight off.

Exercise alone cannot help you get in shape. In fact, not eating right makes getting in shape a tough thing to do.

“It is at the beginning because you have to restructure the way you think about food,” said Cassandra Gaudet, gym member.

And she definitely restructured! She added crossfit training to her routine and began following the Paleo diet. The 31-year-old lost 20 pounds eating lots of protein – like hamburger, chicken and natural vegetables – under the diet’s program.

“It’s just about knowing and having the knowledge to make the right decisions,” she said.

Another popular diet, the “Belly Off,” follows similar principles. That diet calls for cutting out the “bad carbs,” even during your Thanksgiving Day feast.

“More turkey and more vegetables on the plate. More of the green beans. More of the sweet potato, rather than mashed potato and dressing, and stuff like that,” explained Kristian Montoya, a Bayou City Crossfit trainer.

Montoya says cutting carbs will help you burn even more fat when you do fast-paced exercises, like those in crossfit.

“I’m a lot more leaner. I can tell I’m a lot more faster. A lot more resilient,” said Roosevelt Johnson, gym member.

Trainers warn that diets like the “Belly Off” and “Paleo” are not meant to be quick fixes.

“They’re tough. They’re tough. It takes a lot of dedication. I just try to stay from the sweets. That’s my main thing; just stay away from the sweets,” said Michael Agee.

Nutritionists say sticking with a plan can make a big difference.

“Some pounds have come off and I move quicker and have a lot more energy,” another gym member, Orlando Villarreal, said.

A quick tip to help you before you sit down at Grandma’s table is to eat about three hours before you arrive, that you may be able to resist chowing down on everything in front of you!