Parents, students ‘pray for peace’ at Manvel High School


by Jacqueline Crea / KHOU 11 News

Posted on April 25, 2014 at 10:38 PM

MANVEL, Texas -- A group of Manvel High School students and families gathered and prayed in the parking lot on Friday night. They said it was much needed after a terrifying day that included a gun scare lockdown and a stabbing.

"We had the gun thing earlier and then the stabbing. I mean, we are wanting to pray for peace over the school," said Anthony Zermino, a student and President of the Christians in the Youth group.

The first report of a gun on campus was a false alarm, but the second was real. A senior football player was stabbed after a heated argument outside the cafeteria.

"He charged him so he tried to stab him in the chest but he had slit him on the arm back here," said Giavani, a student.

A teacher broke up the fight between the senior and the freshman armed with a knife. The senior is okay and was treated on campus by paramedics, but the school community is still on edge.

"Security is going to be off the wall and we just want to pray for the families that were involved and the kids that were involved because it’s a scary situation for everybody," said Zermino.

Students said it was a scary situation that could have been worse.

"To celebrate that it didn't eternally affect him and he's safe and a lot better than he could've been," said Brandon Parmley, a student.

Parents were shocked to get the phone call that school was out early.

"We just came to pick them up no question about it," said Albert Martinez, a parent.

The Christian group gathered with one thing on their minds, praying for peace and a calm atmosphere.

"We're a bunch of high school kids. Things are gonna be blown out of proportion. Rumors are gonna get started. We just kinda want that to settle and we want God's graces to put over the school."

The group happily spent part of their Friday night asking God for help.

"It's nice to come together with other students from the school and have one purpose and our purpose is to be there for others that need us," said Amanda Solórzano, a student.