Local mom proud to be a part of the ‘No Excuse Mom’ movement


by Shern-min Chow / KHOU 11 News


Posted on January 28, 2014 at 12:14 AM

Attention Moms: Want to look like a swimsuit model? You can according to the No Excuse Mom movement which has spawned a huge worldwide following. Many critics also view the approach as insulting and mean. Now there's even a swimsuit calendar contest and a local mom has won a page as Ms. August.

Veronica Davila is a typical new mom of two young sons.

“I had a lot of the loose skin and the stretch marks and I just didn’t look how I used to,” said Davila.

Then she stumbled onto the No Excuse Mom website.

“I found Maria," said Davila. "She’s got her three little ones and she looks so good herself and it shows you it’s possible.”

The movement’s premise: kids, jobs, chores are “no excuse” for being, well, the 'f' word ... fat. The web page has tips, motivation, real life success stories and haters who call the approach "insulting" and "offensive."

“If you’re saying that’s ‘mean’ and ‘fat shaming’, it’s down to jealousy that you’re jealous cause she looks like that and you don’t,” said Davila.

Veronica was up for the challenge. She started by changing her diet.

“No preservatives, no hormones, no additives, that’s what really helped me start shedding the fat, was the diet more than anything,” said Davila.

She also went to work, working out in their 2 bedroom apartment. She even entered the No Excuse Mom Swimsuit Calendar during it all. In two and a half months, the 5'4" mom, who works part-time from home, lost 15 pounds of baby fat.

“I know I had it easy but I mean there are a lot of moms in the calendar and their before and afters are a lot more dramatic than mine,” said Davila. T

hat is true. Some have lost 60 pounds in less than a year and look more like real people more than supermodels like cover girl Maria Kang who wants to "inspire" moms.

Veronica’s husband David Davila supports the No Excuse way of life, which means Veronica exercises while the kids sleep. She also uses her small children as weights. The new lifestyle adds an extra two to three hours to her day, but has been well worth it for the Davilas.

The 2015 No Excuse Mom Calendar Contest begins February 1.

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