Lake Conroe’s water levels ready for summer water sports


by Alice Barr / KHOU 11 News

Posted on May 14, 2014 at 6:04 PM

LAKE CONROE, Texas --There’s a staircase heading straight into the water at Lake Conroe Water Sports, and a brand new landing already needs some adjustment.

“That dock was level with that bottom one, with that bottom landing, last week,” said Gene Fisher, manager of Lake Conroe Water Sports.

But they’re repairs worth making, considering what else has changed.

“We built these steps down because this was actually a sandy beach right here,” said Fisher.

Today, the water laps several feet high, right up against the dock. The lake is full, for the first time since 2011 and in Conroe that word, full, has a pretty good ring to it.

“This is wonderful, we watch it every day,” said Lake Conroe homeowner Bob Nielsen.

Nielsen lives right by the water, but for the past three years he hasn’t been able to enjoy the perks. His boat was beached.

“If you have a boat in your backyard and you can’t get it out. You look at it every day and you say, ‘there’s a problem,’” said Nielsen.

Nielsen and his friends hope the rising water will raise something else.

“We’re very delighted and it keeps the property values up high,” said another homeowner Carl Seidule.

It’s a question of safety too. Being out on the water with the lake low, could damage your boat and even be dangerous.

“We had to give them warnings on the props on our boats because they were tearing up the props on the motors,” said Fisher. “We had a lot of rocks inside the jet skis, from low water.

But for now, Lake Conroe is back in business, and ready to see how much the rising tide raises their bottom line.

“Just overnight it rose to this level, so we’ll see this weekend," said Fisher.