Bieber, Gaga: ‘Show Your Hearts’ for the Berry children

Bieber, Gaga: ‘Show Your Hearts’ for the Berry children

Bieber, Gaga: ‘Show Your Hearts’ for the Berry children


by Michelle Homer / & Courtney Zubowski / KHOU 11 News

Posted on July 26, 2011 at 5:52 PM

Updated Friday, Jul 29 at 3:23 PM

HOUSTON -- Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears are just a few celebrities who have been touched by the tragic story of theBerry family from Houston.

They are spreading the word about the "Show Your Hearts" campaign to raise money to help the children.

Bieber and others are encouraging their millions of Facebook and Twitter followers to join the campaign and help.

"It’s a really sad story, but this is an opportunity for me and my friends to do something good for others," said Bieber. "We can use our influence to do good. We are just doing our part and I hop those kids get something positive out of it."

Joshua Berry, 41, and Robin Berry, 40, died on July 2 when a car veered into oncoming traffic near Lubbock and hit their minivan.

Peter, 9, Aaron, 8, and Willa, 6, were hurt in the crash.

Peter and Aaron are paralyzed from the waist down. The brothers are sharing a room at Shriners Hospital in Chicago where they are undergoing spinal rehabilitation.

They will return to Houston in a few weeks.

Willa, who broke her ankle and wrist, is out of the hospital.

All three children are being cared for by their relatives. It’s estimated they will need $5 million to $10 million dollars for their ongoing medical care.

For a $5 or $10 donation you can download and avatar and post it on your social media sites to show support.

Wednesday, Beiber posted on his page, "really proud of my fans. thank u. keep donating! SHOW YOUR HEARTS!"

"Overwhelmed is an understatement," said the uncle, Matt Berry. "They haven’t heard actually everything about that. They knew Justin Bieber and his camp were helping out, but they don’t know the full details. When they do, I’m sure they’ll get a big grin on their face. It will brighten up their day."

Also Wednesday, the Houston Rockets launched "10,000 Hugs-to-Help," to benefit the Berry children.

The campaign offers the community a chance to join in on the fundraising efforts. For a dollar or more donation, you can get a hug from Houston Rockets mascot clutch.

"When people come forward like the Rockets, it’s amazing to see that in the world when things are at their worst other people are at their best," said Berry.

Rockets Chief Executive Officer Tad Brown and Head Coach Kevin McHale were the first donors to kick off the campaign.

"I think everyone with families and everyone that has driven with families many times realize how fragile and how quickly things happen and our hearts just go out to them. So, everybody feel free to give generously and give Clutch a big hug," said McHale.

You can donate to the "Show Your Heart" campaign online or donate $10 by texting BERRY to 85944.

You can also learn about other fundraisers on a Facebook page set up for Joshua and Robin Berry's Children's Trust. Click here for Berry family photos.