Fireworks lovers making the most of a no-ban year


by Jeremy Desel/ KHOU 11

Posted on July 1, 2012 at 7:03 PM

Updated Monday, Jul 2 at 7:00 AM

HOUSTON--All the rain we’ve been getting is good news for fireworks stands and people who like to celebrate with a little flair. The drought is gone and fireworks are back.

The fact that they are here at all is enough of a celebration for the stand operators.

May parts of our region were still under restrictions on New Year’s Eve. So for many fireworks lovers an dthose who depend on them, there is some catching up to do.

"There was nothing [last year]. It was quiet. Quiet. Horrible. Horrible," said Susan Stimac, a fireworks stand customer.

So the Stimacs are doing something about that this year—single-handedly.

"Actually, we do, we put a show on for the neighborhood, yes we do," said Jeff Stimac.

This one is two years in the making.

For years, the Cy-Springs band has used this as their main source of fundraising. They say fireworks have a much bigger bang than candy bars. With the bans on fireworks last year, the band suffered significant cuts and weren’t able to take their spring trip.

If these sales keep up, no worries about that this school year.

Seven-year-old Dylan isn’t in the band, but he knows what he’s look for: "The big ones that go boom!"

Despite the fact that the sales season started a week ago on Sunday, sales have been brisk and stand operators say they only expect it to get busier by Tuesday evening and Wednesday.