Afterlife: What happens after we die?


by staff

Posted on November 26, 2013 at 12:10 AM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 26 at 11:46 AM

In movies and television, Heaven is typically depicted as a place filled with clouds and soft music, but here in the real world our views on Heaven are more diverse.

Some people believe they have gotten a preview of Heaven.

One Austin teenager who was born with a serious heart condition, posted a video on YouTube in 2011 describing Heaven. He said he was there while in cardiac arrest. He said it was a white room and said, "I didn't want to leave that place, I wish I never woke up."

Even people who are not religious have a fundamental belief that there is something more beyond this life.

"I think that's just simply something indigenous to the human heart that wants something better,” said theologian Dr. Elliott Greene.

The Bible paints a picture of Heaven but in broad strokes. Greene said scripture doesn't go into specific details about everyday life in the afterlife.

"That remains a mystery but I don't think you will have the Monday morning blues, you won't have Hump Day, with the stresses, I think that will be absent," Greene said.

The Bible says there will be no darkness in Heaven, no pain and no sickness.

Dorris Ellis is looking forward to a Heavenly reunion with her husband.

In the last two years, this Houston community activist has lost both her husband and her son to illness. She plans on seeing them again.

"I think so, not only them I look forward to seeing my grandparents, my dad, mother. We have a big family and by the time I make my trip around the houses of Heaven it's going to take awhile," Ellis said.

Christian or not, those who believe in the afterlife, have one thing in common -- they all think, the next life will be better.