GALVESTON, Texas - In Galveston, the waves are kicking ahead of Tropical Storm Cindy, and surfers are taking advantage.

First it was all about keeping their property safe from hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. Overnight, all 31 lifeguard towers and trash cans were moved back to keep away from the higher-than-usual tide.

At the beach, people have been flocking to watch the waves, fish them, and surf them.

It’s the kind of day surfers have been waiting months for.

“Last year, I missed all the swells from the storms, so I’m glad I got to make the first year,” said Nick Stout, a surfer. “It’s awesome.”

Big waves, rough water, and high tide that had beachgoers searching for any remaining sand.

“We already had the house, so we’re coming anyway,” said Erica McCreary, a visitor.

Fishermen are competing with pelicans for any remaining fish.

“They say it’s the greatest time to fish, and we were proven wrong. They were proven wrong today,” said Unka Chino, a fisherman.

Another downside: all that extra water had nowhere to go but through the drains and onto some streets from close to the causeway all the way down to the East End.

Extra city crews have been working around the clock to clear debris to keep the storm drains clear and help the water eventually flow back out.