The images of devastation that Hurricane Matthew left in its wake seem so far away.

In Haiti, we saw the people in the streets and the relentless rushing water that swept everything in its path.

Caleb Lucien was in a rush to help when he talked to KHOU via FaceTime from his car.

“Almost every year there is a natural disaster in Haiti,” Lucien said. “The roofs of the homes that have been blown a ay. So the first intervention that we are making is we just purchased about 3,500 sheets of metal roofing.”

Lucien has lived in Haiti most of his life but studied in Texas for a few years before starting the Hosean International Ministries, a 5013c.

The organization was there to help right after the floods in 2008 and the devastating earthquake in 2010. Many people from Houston and all over the United States have traveled to Haiti to help his group.

We asked what people here could do to help.

“Before you go and dump money and dump resources, think twice of who you are working with, who you partner with. We don’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past,” Lucien said.

He said donating money to the people and agencies on the ground is most effective.

“I would ask everyone from the U.S. and the world to continue to pray. The needs are great. The needs are limitless,” Lucien said.

To donate to Hosean International Ministries, tap/click here.

Other ways to help Hurricane Matthew victims:

  • The American Red Cross is working to deliver supplies to Haiti as well as setting up shelters in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.
  • The Salvation Army is assisting with relief efforts in Haiti and Jamaica.
  • World Vision in Haiti is distributing supplies to affected families.
  • UNICEF is assisting children and families in Haiti impacted by the hurricane.