It’s a few days out, but a cold front is expected to sweep the Houston area by midweek. The bad news, it’s expected to bring with it a few showers. The good news, much drier air from the north will sink in behind it.

For those in the midst of the clean up process, the infamous Houston humidity may be causing more problems than the sweat on your back. One of the easiest ways to dry out a recently flooded home is to open the windows and doors to get air moving in and out of the house. However, with high humidity, it may do more harm than good.

The added moisture in the air from humidity makes it tough for water logged floor boards, walls, and doors to dry out. The opposite rings true with low humidity. Drier, less humid air allows water soaked floor boards, walls, and doors to dry out easier and quicker.

Aside from a few showers, the cold front expected to sweep the area by midweek will drop temperatures into the low 80s and bring in crisp, drier air. So open up the windows and doors and bring in that fresh breeze.