Some forecast models show Hurricane Matthew pummeling the east coast of Florida, taking a turn out into the Atlantic and then coming back to potentially make a second landfall.

While a two-fer from the powerful Category 3 storm is daunting for some to imagine, weather officials in Tallahassee are cautioning forecast models more than five days out are far from an exact science.

You can follow Matthew's path with these live beach cams from both Florida coasts.

Click here: Miami Beach cam

Boca Rotan (Weatherbug)  

Boca Rotan Beach cam

Ormond Beach (Weatherbug) 

Ormond Beach cam

Daytona Beach (Weatherbug) 

Daytona Beach cam

Fort Myers (Weatherbug) 

Ft. Myers beach cam

Destin (Weatherbug)

Destin Beach cam

Marco Island (Weatherbug)

Marco Island Beach cam